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Robert May's Medlar Tart 1660

Robert May's Medlar Tart

This delicious Medlar Tart is a simple, yet excellent dish from Robert May's The Accomplisht Cook, first published in 1660.

Fresh medlars

Medlars are inedible until they start to decay. However, they will rarely reach this stage by themselves on the tree and need to be harvested. They should left outside in a box until they turn a dark reddish brown and become soft and juicy. This rotting process is known as "bletting" the medlars.


Bletted medlars


medlar paste


Medlar Tart

Take medlars that are rotten, strain them, and set them on a chaffing dish of coals, season them with sugar, cinamon and ginger, put some yolks of eggs to them, let it boil a little, and lay it in a cut tart; being baked scrape on sugar.

Historical Notes

Robert May

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