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Set Custards and Cut-laid Tarts











To Make Apricock Custard

Take a pint of cream, boil it with a stick.of cinnamon and. six eggs (leave out four of the whites) when your cream is a little cold, mix. your eggs and cream together, with a quarter of a pound of fine sugar, set it over a slow fire, stir it all one way whils t it begin to be thick, then take it off and stir it whilst it be a little cold, and pour it into your dish; take six apricocks, as you did for your:pudding, rather a little higher; when they are cold lie them upon your custard at equal distances; if it be at the time when you have no ripe apricocks, you may lie pre­ferv'd atricocks.

From Elizabeth Moxon, English Housewifery (Leeds: 1749)




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