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Elizabeth Raffald's The Experienced English Housekeeper (London:1769) is one of the great culinary classic s of the eigtheenth century. In a chapter about ornaments for the table, she includes a number of jelly and flummery recipes, including the hen's nest. She also gives recipes for cribbage cards, gilded fish and Solomon's temple in flummery.

Elizabeth Raffald's signature

Elizabeth Raffald's Hen's Nest



A recipe for a hen's nest in jelly was recorded by Queen Victoria in her diary. However, by the nineteenth century, cooks were using specialised nest and egg moulds like those above. As well as making nests in jelly, they were moulded in spun sugar and nougat. The eggs were also made in ice cream, as well as blancmange. The pewter egg moulds above are for ice cream.

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