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Ivan made this Savoy Biscuit for Channel 4's Regency Feast, a biography of the great chef de cuisine Antonin Carême, presented by Ian Kelly and produced for Flashback Television by Jonathan Lubert. It is surmounted by the Prince of Wales feathers pressed in gum paste from a contemporary mould and has a garniture of pistachio Genoise cakes. It is placed on a low socle of pate d'office coated with green sugar grains and edged with a gum paste border cast from an early nineteenth century boxwood mould.

A tipsy cake was a favourite way of using up a stale Savoy cake. A mixture of wine and brandy was poured over the cake until it could drink no more. It was then studded with almonds and a custard was poured around the base, which was garnished with ratafias or macaroons.
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