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Frederick Nutt's Wafers




A leaf from the manuscript for Frederick Nutt's The Complete Confectioner, published in London in 1789. Nutt was formerly apprentice to the London confectioners Negri and Whitton, who had traded from the Pot and Pineapple in Berlkely square since 1760. Nutt includes a number of very unusual wafers made by coating wafer paper with a sugar, egg white and citrus juice mixture. The bergamot wafers were flavoured with a few drops of bergamot oil. Nutt also has a recipe for a delicious bergamot water ice.


The emblematic frontispiece to Nutt's book (1819 edition). The goddess Pomona reveals the most luxurious fruit of the Georgian age, the delicious pine or pineapple.Nutt had started his career in the celebrated Pot and Pineapple confectioner's shop in Berkeley Square. In earlier cookery and confectionery texts, the word pineapple usually referred to the cone of the Umbrella Pine, the source of pinenuts.
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