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Historic Food Galleries
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Food History Exhibitions
1994 The Tempting Table Bowes Museum
1995 In Praise of Hot Liquors Fairfax House
1996 Come Drink the Bowl Dry Fairfax House
1997 The Pleasures of the Table Fairfax House
1998 A Feast for the Eyes Waddesdon Manor
1999 A History of Chocolate York Castle Museum
1999 London Eats Out Museum of London
1999 Just Desserts Philadelphia Museum of Art
2000 Eat Drink and be Merry Fairfax House, Norwich Assembly Rooms, Kenwood House
2000 The Edible Monument The Paul Getty Research Institute
2001-2002 Cutting Edge Fairfax House, The Geffrye Museum, The Millennium Gallery
2002 Royal Sugar Sculpture Bowes Museum
2003 Sculptures in Sugar Harewood House
2003 Sir Francis Drake's Feast The National Trust Buckland Abbey
2004 The Glory of Glass Fairfax House


Books, Papers and Other Publications
1977 Pomanders and Washballs Herb Society
1978 A Guide to Spices Herb Society
1979 Perfumery with Herbs Darton, Longman and Todd
1994Sherbet, Sorbec and Stepony PPC 48
1996 Down at the Old Twisted Posts PPC 52
1996 Further Musings on Syllabub PPC 53
1997 The Pleasures of the Table (with Peter Brown) York Civic Trust
1997 Cordial Waters in Strength and Cheerfulness - the John Towse Collection of Cordial Glasses Delomosne and Sons
1998 Which Compleat Confectioner? PPC 59
1999 Sculpture for the Eighteenth-Century Garden Dessert in Food in the Arts (Ed. Harlan Walker) Prospect Books
2000 Eat Drink and be Merry (Ed.) Philip Wilson
2001 The Honours of the Table in British Cutlery (Ed.Peter Brown)
2002 Royal Sugar Sculpture Bowes Museum
2002 Bridecup and Cake in Food and the Rites of Passage
(Ed. Laura Mason) Prospect Books
2003 A Natural History of the Ice Pudding Part 1 PPC 74
2004 Illustrations in British Cookery Books in The English Cookery Book (Ed. Eileen White) Prospect Books
2004 Introduction to John Thacker The Art of Cookery Southover Press
Radio and Television
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